Casing profile plays a very important role in combination with the breaker package of tread in order to deliver various performance of a tire . When a tire is rotated in the computer, the stress and strain applied to each finite element is calculated and it is integrated through the whole casing from bead to bead. Generally the stress can be observed concentrated in the buttress area of the casing. Stress concentration causes energy loss, which causes heat generation. And as a result heat build-up occurs. The heat build-up is the culprit of almost all the troubles for TBR. Thus the computer simulates with FEM analysis heat distribution in a rolling tire and calculates the optimum casing profile for minimum heat build-up.

Tread Pattern

Tread patterns are designed so that the a can give as much benefit as it can in each designated application. There are several types of tread pattern.

Rib: consists of circumferential ribs and grooves

lGroove wall design based on the hydrodynamics to minimize anti-hydroplaning
lElastomer movement on sipes to wipe water
lShoulder rib radius and rubber gauge distribution to fight irregular wear

Block:consists of small polygon blocks

lShape and depth of blocks to optimize traction and brake
lBalance of land/sea ratio for traction, wet grip and tread life
lSipes matching the block size and shape

Solid shoulder block: block pattern with solid shoulder

lBalance of solid shoulder against center block
lGroove wall design based on the hydrodynamics to evacuate water
lShape and depth of sipes

Rib-lug: pattern in between rib and lug for on and off application

lOff road performance in combination with compounding
lBalance of on and off performance, rib and lug ratio, pitch and zigzag angle
lSize of lug and rib with rubber stiffness of cut resistant compound

Lug:Solid center and deep lateral groove on shoulder
lBalance of solid center and shoulder lug
lBlock shape and size in consideration of cut resistant compound
lStudy of maximum traction on off road condition



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