2013-6-01 9:44:14Green Tire needs policy to support

Time:2013-6-01 9:44:14

"The popularization and application of green tires is not only the enterprise's responsibility but also should be common view of whole society. Only if upgrade of tire industry is accelerated, and green manufacturing of whole industrial chain realizes, we can step from tire producing country to powerful nation." Recently, in an interview with reporters, NPC deputy and chairman of Aeolus Tyre Co., Ltd Wang Feng said development of green tires should be propelled by legislation. It was one of suggestions he gave to the two national conferences.

It is known that promotion of green tire is started from European Union, and main regulations are REACH Regulations and Tire Labeling Law. REACH Regulations come into force from Jan. 1st, 2010. And by the end of last year, Tyre Labeling Law is also implemented officially, so requirements to tire quality are higher. Wangfeng said, "this is both a challenge and an opportunity to China tire industry. Challenge is technical threshold raise, and production cost increases; and opportunity is tire enterprises can take technological innovation, regulate and improve level of tire development. Therefore, facing the opportunity and challenge brought by globalization, China should seize the opportunity and change pressure into motivation."

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