825R16 SK26


Radial Truck Tire

Features & Benefits:

*Three directional zig-zag grooves provide excellent traction and handling performance. The deep grooves on shoulder dissipate heat effectively and prevent hydroplaning.

*The tire tread is designed evenly, pressure can be well-distributed to every point, even abrasion can mostly enlarge mileage.

*The two ribs in the middle of tread reduce the rolling resistance, save fuel and strengthen the tear-resistance ability.

Suitable position: all positions.

Tire Size Pattern serial number P.R Speed rating Load index Standard  rim Single load(kg) Dual load(kpa) Inflated size of new tire(mm) Min.center distance of dual tire(mm) style
Single   Dual Single Dual Sec.W(mm) Out.(mm) TT TL
825R16 SK26 16 L 128/124 6.50H 1800 1600 770 770 235 855 278 V


Pattern Detail

Construction - Safty Warning

Tread Depth

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