11R22.5 SK58


Features & Benefits:

*Linear groove design provide excellent operating ability and has low rolling resistance, low noise, good drainage and saving-fuel ability. Small towers in the grooves can effectively prevent stones from getting trapped in the tire grooves, increase tire safety performance in using process.

*Exact symmetrical tread structure can evenly distribute pressure to make sure the tread is worn equally. Even abrasion can enlarge mileage a lot and is good for tire re-tread. There are lateral sipes on every strip, lateral sipes can increase landholding and anti-skidding ability.

*The special heat-dissipating holes on shoulder can always help shoulders dissipate heat, which decreases damages on shoulders.

Suitable position: all positions for trailer and bus, steering position for truck.


Tire Size Pattern serial number P.R Speed rating Load index Standard  rim Single load(kg) Dual load(kpa) Inflated size of new tire(mm) Min.center distance of dual tire(mm) style
Single   Dual Single Dual Sec.W(mm) Out.(mm) TT TL
11R22.5 SK58 16 L 146/143 8.25 3000 2725 840 840 279 1050 318 V


Pattern Detail


Load Index - Speed Rating - Ply Rating - Max Load - Standard Air Pressure

Construction - Safty Warning

Tread Depth

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